The New Medicine

“It’s time we recognize that we are more than a clump of interacting chemicals but a spiritual being having a human experience.” 

[Brian Sheen, Florida Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Founder of the Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center]

On the precipice of a whole new way of “treating illness” lies a particle of the leading edge of the quantum sciences – the study of man’s intimate relationship with Self and how it is intricately woven into the very fabric of the Universe around him. Now is a time of real new beginnings – where even ancient paradigms become new again and are for the first time in modern human history being recognized for the wealth of knowledge they have held since their conception.

Modern western medical science, even with all its vast accomplishment in the treatment of disease … has “missed the mark”. It has conceived illness to be a “thing” separate from the very beingness of being human … a thing that can be cut out, dissected, diluted, diverted and “destroyed” by treatments of it as separate from its “host” … all by means that treat it as something that can be cured within a host that still yet remains dis-eased and waiting still for yet another bout of illness to return – and ultimately from which to perish. Yes, we must gratefully acknowledge that it has seemed to at least extend the years of human life in modern man. Yes, we must give it its honor earned for designing, developing, and dedicating new “treatments for disease”. So many of us even owe it our very lives for what it gave.

Yet, even those of us who have moved into “disease in remission” still yet wait for its possible return. And those “not yet afflicted” – their time is coming be assured. 

This preoccupation with “curing the disease” and our insistence that the personhood of the patient is immaterial to the healing equation … is … a lie. NO ONE TRULY HEALS A BODY WITHOUT HEALING THE MIND THAT BELIEVED SICKNESS WAS FIRST OF VALUE.

A science based upon the idea that “shit happens so let’s deal with it” is foolery. 

The quantum sciences are clearly unearthing clearer visions of exactly HOW INTRICATELY WOVEN IS THE ‘HUMAN BE-ING’ IN THE LARGER PICTURE OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. And with these new findings … new truths even … we are now just beginning to recognize that the energies of human beingness are FAR more vast and expansive than even the huge advances our previous scientific paradigms conceived. 

To say that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience is such a HUGE and dynamic shift that many early on reject it at its outset. It shatters previously accepted science … it crumbles centuries of medical understanding … it brings the human back into the equation as such a dynamic and particularly powerful component we have not even yet started to dream of all the possibilities.

Yes … to say that we live in “dangerous times” may be even more “dangerous” than we think … dangerous to long-held conceptions deemed as truth now crumbling into fallacies acknowledged. It IS dangerous being a human being today … because all we thought we knew must be challenged and brought to the “new science of being human” in a Universe that simply waits for us to “awaken to our dynamically intrinsic role”.


Healing vs. Treatment


Though Western medicine seems to be plodding, however slowly, toward the recognition and profoundly potent idea that the patient has as much to do with true healing as does the treatment he receives, it is yet vastly important that we, too, recognize we are yet “infants only beginning to learn to walk” on the Path of True Healing.

We still yet teeter and grab for traditions of treating illness based on out-dated (and some even state without hesitancy) fallacious tenets that should blush our medical structures at least as much as the use of “leeching” in the past.

There will come a day (already has, for some centuries in many Eastern philosophies of medicine) where we will look upon the “treat the disease, disregard the patient-mind” as benign and ancillary manner of healing as both primitive and insane.


It should be at least as important (in my opinion) to “establish what the patient’s attitude and personal belief system is about himself and his illness” at the forefront of diagnostic criteria as what specific manifestation of illness has arisen within his body.

As well, much as medical interventions ought to address specific illness, so to should “mindful interventions” within his belief system that both manifest and incubate illness within his psyche be identified and re-framed.

This is where the Threshold to Miracles awaits. It lies within a Mind that opens to a “New Way of Being” and embraces It as True …


Sight may be restored … hearing returned … limbs healed, cancers corrupted, memories restored and … Lives made new and fresh and more fully animated and Spirit-Sourced …

“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”
[Bernard Berenson]