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The New Medicine

“It’s time we recognize that we are more than a clump of interacting chemicals but a spiritual being having a human experience.” [Brian Sheen, Florida Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Founder of the Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center]

On the precipice of a whole new way of “treating illness” lies a particle of the leading edge of the quantum sciences – the study of man’s intimate relationship with Self and how it is intricately woven into the very fabric of the Universe around him. 

Now is a time of real new beginnings – where even ancient paradigms become new again and are for the first time in modern human history being recognized for the wealth of knowledge they have held since their conception.

Modern western medical science, even with all its vast accomplishment in the treatment of disease … has “missed the mark”.

It has conceived illness to be a “thing” separate from the very beingness of being human … a thing that can be cut out, dissected, diluted, diverted and “destroyed” by treatments of it as separate from its “host” … all by means that treat it as something that can be cured within a host that still yet remains dis-eased and waiting still for yet another bout of illness to return – and ultimately from which to perish. 

Yes, we must gratefully acknowledge that it has seemed to at least extend the years of human life in modern man. Yes, we must give it its honor earned for designing, developing, and dedicating new “treatments for disease”. So many of us even owe it our very lives for what it gave.

Yet, even those of us who have moved into “disease in remission” still yet wait for its possible return. And those “not yet afflicted” – your time is coming, be assured. 

This preoccupation with “curing the disease” and our insistence that the personhood of the patient is immaterial to the healing equation … is … a lie. 


A science based upon the idea that “shit happens so let’s deal with it” is foolery. 

The quantum sciences are clearly unearthing clearer visions of exactly HOW INTRICATELY WOVEN IS THE ‘HUMAN BE-ING’ IN THE LARGER PICTURE OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. And with these new findings … new truths even … we are now just beginning to recognize that the energies of human beingness are FAR more vast and expansive than even the huge advances our previous scientific paradigms conceived. 

To say “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather spiritual beings having a human experience” is such a HUGE and dynamic shift that many early on reject it at its outset. It shatters previously accepted science … it crumbles centuries of medical understanding … it brings the human back into the equation as such a dynamic and particularly potent component we have not yet even started to dream of all the possibilities.

Yes … to say that we live in “dangerous times” may be even more dangerous than we think … dangerous to long-held conceptions deemed as truth now crumbling into fallacies acknowledged. It IS dangerous being a human being today … because all we thought we knew must be challenged and brought to the “new science of being human” in a Universe that simply waits for us to awaken to our dynamically intrinsic role.

Mind-Body Healing, The Miracle of Healing

What is a Miracle?

“If enough people start mending their true nature in the incredibly interconnected world we’re creating, the cumulative effect really could begin healing the true nature of … well … everything.”    § Martha Beck §

“The Principles of Healing … A Call to the Miraculous”

Some say that “Healing” is a medical (physical) science … others say that “Healing” is a psychological science – and though both can contain the principle of healing I am convinced that real Healing steps outside the bounds of the physical and psychological into the “Miraculous” and THIS is what makes true healing manifest.

It is not a medical or psychological practice really so much as a deeply spiritual process. It is not what is “done to the patient/client” but what naturally “comes up THROUGH the patient/client”.

Some say “Miracles are natural – when they do not occur something has gone wrong”. And this is the foundation of what I believe and hope to help a patient/client achieve. Mostly, it is in learning what the obstacles are within the individual that prevent the Miraculous from occurring.

Miracles are happening every day … and if you do not see them it is only that you have chosen to look for something else instead.

Many have heard me say that “Forgiveness is the Answer to every problem.” Of this – I am convinced. And this is where the Miracle unfolds … from where it finally is seen … the “place and time” when the Miracle (which is always there) is revealed. A mind is bathed, through forgiveness, into a new way of seeing … and from just this simple thing we behold the Miraculous.


Why is it when sometimes we see something in nature we are so moved that we seem to be filled with peace … a sense of certain safety … and a deep provocative proclivity to find someone else to see it with us?

The Answer is quite simple … we have looked upon something with NO judgment … no preconceived idea of what it is “suppose to be” or “suppose to mean” but instead we’ve looked upon it in its pure and potent Innocence.

THAT is the Miraculous revealed that has always been there but simply waited for us to look on it with Love.

THAT is what the patient is guided toward – a complete release from all he thinks his illness means…all that he thinks his treatment “should” be (and even result in) – bringing him to the Place where all is positioned in perfect order and the result is his opening his Mind to usher in the “wash” of the Miracle of Healing.


On the cancer floor one can see the Miraculous every day really (at least, every day you enter it with no preconceived ideas of what patients should be feeling or thinking).

And when one enters a patient’s room with that basic posture, no matter how much pain he might be in when you first enter, … and when you look down upon his cancered body, and see the pain … the nausea and weakened eyes from the treatment itself … the sometimes hopelessness and futility in them … but look with love upon him … with compassion and a certain resolve that healing is STILL apparent … something happens … even if for but a moment. A mere instant even … the pain and all the rest is “forgotten” and a peace washes up in his eyes.

HE is the one who opened to the Miracle … no one did it for him. The most we did was present ourselves with certain resolve that in that moment he is loved and held in profound compassion. HE is the one who, just for a moment maybe, forgave his cancer and all he thought it meant/did and in that Instant Healing washed over him and gave him respite.And do you know what … what HE did gives to YOU the same in return … for you to carry to another place… another body … another mind … another Holy Longing (no matter what form) that seeks for the Miracle Moment quite as well.


You are changed by every person you see … every time you see them … when you see them with forgiving eyes and certainty that the Miracle awaits you both. The patient and the healer join in a common singular moment to BE the Healing they want to see … and so it is.

We only ever need one thing for Miracles. The willingness to wake up for but a moment from the nightmare we are separate from our Source. The Source WILL be there waiting for us … in fact, has always been there, stroking our sleeping brow, whispering a Miracle of Awakening into our sleeping mind, and bathing our minds and bodies with all that would provide us with the evidence we … are … NOT … alone.

And do you know what … what HE did gives to YOU the same in return … for you to carry to another place… another body … another mind … another Holy Longing that seeks for the Miracle Moment quite as well.