LifeCare Institute first opened in 1982 as a private complementary practice devoted to offering alternative therapeutic services to individuals (and their families] facing chronic and/or life-threatening illness.

As its founder first envisioned, the Institute has been committed to identifying, researching and designing cutting-edge patient-centered services to assist patients in becoming fully involved both in their treatment process as well as activating their own intrinsic internal healing mechanism.
The vision of the Institute has been (since its inception) fully invested within the paradigm that “every individual already holds within [him] a psycho-spiritual dynamic that, when fully activated, has the capacity to heal”.


The ReGenesis Process unfolded as a natural design from that research and includes:

  • Belief System Analysis & Attitudinal Healing – Recognizing that our attitude (Core Belief System) has as much to do with a treatment outcome as the treatment itself, the RGP assists in identifying core beliefs that interfere in the body’s natural ability to activate its own internal healing mechanism;
  • Neurolinguistic Inquiry & Systemic Expansion – Our mind has the capacity to see, hear and feel more incredibly than we realize. When fully activated, the way we choose to experience our illness (and the treatment we are to undergo) can have a substantial effect on the success of our treatment. You can learn how to fully activate the most provocative ‘tools’ your mind holds – and thereby literally direct the efficacy of your treatment;
  • Brainwave Analysis & Entrainment Therapy – Exposing the brain to specific sound waves that have been encoded to mimic identifiable brainwave levels that induce the deepest levels of its restorative energies, the patient is able to access those depths of consciousness where such innate energies can be released and bathe the Mind-Body system with the deepest most restorative internal healing energies.

§  “We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our Real Selves…”  [Thomas Merton]



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