Healing vs. Treatment


Though Western medicine seems to be plodding, however slowly, toward the recognition and profoundly potent idea that the patient has as much to do with true healing as does the treatment he receives, it is yet vastly important that we, too, recognize we are yet “infants only beginning to learn to walk” on the Path of True Healing.

We still yet teeter and grab for traditions of treating illness based on out-dated (and some even state without hesitancy) fallacious tenets that should blush our medical structures at least as much as the use of “leeching” in the past.

There will come a day (already has, for some centuries in many Eastern philosophies of medicine) where we will look upon the “treat the disease, disregard the patient-mind” as benign and ancillary manner of healing as both primitive and insane.


It should be at least as important (in my opinion) to “establish what the patient’s attitude and personal belief system is about himself and his illness” at the forefront of diagnostic criteria as what specific manifestation of illness has arisen within his body.

As well, much as medical interventions ought to address specific illness, so to should “mindful interventions” within his belief system that both manifest and incubate illness within his psyche be identified and re-framed.

This is where the Threshold to Miracles awaits. It lies within a Mind that opens to a “New Way of Being” and embraces It as True …


Sight may be restored … hearing returned … limbs healed, cancers corrupted, memories restored and … Lives made new and fresh and more fully animated and Spirit-Sourced …

“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”
[Bernard Berenson]


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